Our goal in life and especially in our gatherings Sunday
mornings is to worship and honor God. And we think being loving,
hospitable people—as God has loved and welcomed us—has a lot do
with worshipping and honoring God.

Our services include a time for focus on children, music in the
acappella tradition, prayer, weekly celebration of the Lord’s Supper,
a collection of tithes, Biblically-based preaching, and community
announcements. Here are some things we want you to know about
​our worship:

  • We don’t have a dress code, you’ll see people wearing everything from suits & jackets to blue jeans and cowboy hats. We just dress according to what each of us thinks is honorable and appropriate.

  • Our music is acappella, which means we just use our voices without instruments. It can be a beautiful and inspiring music, but the real beauty is each person fully engaged in personal worship regardless of ability. The music and lyrics are projected onto a screen at the front for everyone’s convenience.

  • While we ask that only baptized Christians take the bread and “wine” (grape juice) of the Lord’s Supper, we welcome and invite all to become a part of Christ’s church in baptism.

  • Guests are in no way required to give during our tithe collection.

  • Our children from birth onward are all invited and welcomed into the worship service alongside everyone else. This is the way we do things, so no matter how noisy or wiggly your children might be we don’t mind. If you feel uncomfortable and need some space for any reason we are happy to open our classrooms or fellowship hall to you.

  • If you have difficulties hearing we have listening devices at the back of the auditorium. Just ask anyone around to point you in the right direction.

  • On the first Sunday of each month we hold a community potluck. Everyone is invited, there is no cost. Guests are not expected to bring anything.

Most of all we will do our best to make you feel welcome and comfortable with us. As our guest you are invited into the worship of a God who loves all without exception and desires to bring everyone into a relationship with him. As followers of Christ we want that too.

We don’t claim to be perfect in anything except a perfect example of sinners who do our best to worship God despite and through our weaknesses and limits. We hope that you can find a place here with us!

What To Expect